• Our Belief

    "People In Pursuit Of Purpose!"

    About God

    We believe that God is the supreme and loving Creator of the world. As a loving Parent, God loves us unconditionally, shows tremendous patience with us, and extends undeserved grace and mercy toward us. As Sovereign Ruler, God is capable of sustaining us, restoring us, and empowering us to overcome distressing circumstances when they arise in our lives. As our ultimate Provider, God meets our needs. As reliable Guide, God directs us as we navigate life’s ups, downs, winding roads, and ever-changing seasons.

    About Jesus

    We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, God’s chosen Messiah and Savior of the world, who models for us how we ought to lead our own lives. Through Jesus’ exemplary life, we are provided guidance on how to interact with one another, respond to various situations in life, and, most importantly, devote ourselves to God. We believe that Jesus sacrificially died on a cross as recompense for our sins, and was raised from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead symbolizes the abundant, victorious life available to those who believe in the lordship of Christ. As Lord and Savior, Jesus reconciles us to God (Romans 5:10), saves us from the penalty of sin (Romans 3:25), and affords us access to eternal life (Romans 6:23).


    About the Church

    We believe that the Church is God’s means of helping people to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. The Church’s mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, strengthen believers through discipleship, support God’s work through stewardship, serve God’s people through ministry, share God’s love through fellowship, and salute God through worship (Acts 2:42–47).

    About the Holy Spirit

    We believe that God has provided us with the Holy Spirit to teach, empower, comfort, encourage, and guide us, so that we are equipped to continue the work and teachings of Jesus and to draw people to faith in Jesus.


    About Baptism

    We believe that baptism, immersion in water, is a public and outward expression of one’s acceptance of Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior (Acts 2:41; 8:35–39; Colossians 2:12).


    About Communion

    We believe that Communion is a memorial of Christ’s death (1 Corinthians 11:23–33; Matthew 26:17–29; Mark 14:12–16; Luke 22:7–13). At New Beginnings, we commemorate Communion the first Sunday of the month.


  • Our Story

    The Beginning of New Beginnings

    In 2006, sensing a call from God to plant a church in Norfolk, Virginia, Larry Enis relocated to Norfolk from Richmond, Virginia, while commuting to work in Richmond (about a two-hour drive). In Norfolk, he conducted a self-selected survey to measure people’s priorities, and factors in their decision to visit a church. After gathering the data, he began a small group Bible study at the Norfolk Public Library. His goal was to build a study group of ten regular attendees, and then launch a church service.


    By the end of the third month, however, the average attendance was only four. After accepting that he was ill-equipped to carry out the dream of launching a church at the time, Pastor Enis returned to Richmond to finish his Ph.D. at Union Presbyterian Seminary.


    While in Richmond, he served on the teaching team as an associate minister at Saint Paul’s Baptist Church. In April 2014, he accepted the call as pastor at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.


    After leading Pleasant Grove through an unprecedented growth spurt, the call to plant a church began to weigh heavy on his heart again. In order to hear more clearly God’s voice concerning this matter, Dr. Enis went on a fast for several weeks. The more he fasted and prayed, the clearer it became to him that now was the time for him to move forward with the dream of a church plant. Along with others who shared, supported, and believed in the vision God had given him, he stepped out on faith and began pursuing the dream of launching a church that helps people to fulfill their God-intended purpose in November 2016.


    The manifestation of that dream is New Beginnings Church. On January 1, 2017, the launch worship celebration took place, at which forty-three people joined the church.


  • Our Dream

    New Beginnings Church is guided by a God-sized dream:

    • A dream of helping people to fulfill God’s purpose in every area of life through the good news of Jesus Christ.


    • A dream of over a thousand weekly attendants who have committed themselves to worshiping God, fellowshipping with one another, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, growing as disciples of Jesus, and making a positive difference in the lives of other people.

    • A dream of an intergenerational athletic ministry that participates in church leagues throughout the region.


    • A dream of meeting the diverse needs of the disenfranchised through outreach services.


    • A dream of reaching the world with the gospel through dynamic television, online, and radio ministries.

    • A dream of providing biblically based counseling services for people in need of healing and guidance.


    • A dream of providing a multigenerational ministry that addresses the various needs of people from various walks of life.


    • A dream of providing vibrant, relevant children’s and youth ministries.


    • A dream of providing hope for the incarcerated and rehabilitative services for formerly incarcerated persons.

    • A dream of modeling, and educating people about, biblically based principles on financial stewardship.


    • A dream of educating people about proper nutrition and physical health.


    • A dream of exhibiting radical love and hospitality toward all people.


    • A dream of establishing a technologically advanced resource center to equip people with various life skills.


  • Worship Times

    Sunday Morning Worship (10:00 a.m.)

    Children’s Church (Sunday at 9:00 a.m.)

    Bible Study (Times vary. Please see our monthly calendar for study times.)


    Questions about our Service Times, or Connecting?

    Send us a message below. BEGIN THERE.

  • Contact Us


    Dr. Larry Enis, Pastor


    Michelle Hubbard, Administrative Assistant




    The Mechanicsville Branch Library

    7461 Sherwood Crossing Place

    Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111


    P.O. Box 562
    Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
    (804) 519-1448

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